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The Philosophy

The bad news: If you are impotent it is because Nature has classified you as "UNFIT TO BREED."

The good news: You CAN get yourself "reclassified."

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If you are among the millions of men suffering from some form of erectile dysfunction, lowered libido, depressed sex drive or impotence, or even if you’re okay, but just concerned about the future, Fit to Breed will reveal a simple, yet shocking truth about your sexual health that no one else is talking about, and that truth is this: If you are impotent it is because Nature has classified you as "UNFIT TO BREED." Let me repeat a little louder:

You are impotent because
Nature has classified you
"UN-FIT to breed."

And until you are RE-classified as "FIT to Breed," your impotence will continue and worsen!

There is perhaps nothing more vital to a man's sense of well being and masculinity than his ability to achieve and sustain an erection to please his partner. There are many products on the market that are capitalizing on this desire, and while some are seen as effective in the short-term, none of them will ever be completely effective or safe in actually curing impotence.

I can say this with complete and utter certainty because all these so-called remedies or cures are missing the boat entirely on what really causes impotence, and thus, how to actually reverse it. The simple yet profound paradigm shift in Fit to Breed will change how you think about this all-too-common situation.

This is a very simple, yet powerful manual. In Fit to Breed, you will learn everything you need to know to understand the causes of impotence from an entirely different perspective, and then, how you can cure it.

The Solution:

Yes, there is hope!

Discover the simple and effective Fit to Breed™ philosophy and strategies.

Start enjoying the vitality, virility and fun you've dreamed of and deserve as a man!

Too many men are killing themselves to stay virile using all sorts of pharmaceutical pills and unnatural methods that the so-called "experts" have convinced them are right. Nature, however, has a better way that can transform--or more accurately--return your body's operation to the way Nature designed it.

In Fit to Breed, you'll find out:

The elements of your belief system about food, the body, health, illness and healing that are making you impotent, and why the drug companies don't want you to ever access THE TRUTH AND YOUR TRUE POWER.

The MYTHS AND ILLUSIONS of modern living and health through medicine that keep most people trapped on an inevitable path towards impotence.

The 7 TRUTHS you must internalize and act upon if you want to succeed - and why 6 out of 7 is not good enough.

10 real CAUSES OF "IMPOTENCE" society doesn't talk about and would rather have you believe don't exist, plus the simple remedies you need to implement.

The one thing you are probably doing each day that makes the next line of vital interest to you...

Jamaican VIRILITY SECRETS to reduce your "comeback" time (never intended to be shared outside Jamaica!)

The daily routine and PROTOCOL that will make your equipment PERFORM like it was designed to and PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE the need for viagra-type drugs.

How to prepare food in ways that will INVIGORATE you.

PLAY DATE PRACTICES that will make your partners swoon for you

PLUS a few RECIPES, a SELF-ASSESSMENT TEST, RESOURCES, A QUICK-START CHECKLIST so you can jump right on the path TO CREATE LIFETIME PEFORMANCE and remain fit to breed forever!

Yes, in Fit to Breed...Forever you'll be shown over 150 truths, principles, causes, cautions, motivations, myths and facts plus a proven protocol of practices, supplements, herbs, food, secret recipes and resources to help you understand, improve, reverse, cure or avoid impotence......
forever! If you're ready to make a lasting difference in your situation (without drugs and chemicals), then Fit to Breed...Forever might be the breakthrough you have been waiting for!

A guide for life!

Fit to Breed, the third in the Yesterday’s You™ series, sheds new light on some little-known causes of impotence, and includes over 150 truths, principles, causes, cautions, motivation, myths and facts plus a proven protocol of practices, supplements, herbs, food, secret recipes and resources to help understand, improve, reverse, cure or avoid impotence... … forever!

Fit to Breed is a life guide--a resource based on stable truths that never change. In this age of health fads and pharmaceuticals, hoopla and hoaxes, what people really need are:
- a lens of stable truths through which to see the world
- a new understanding of nature that encourages new questions
- a method of critical analysis to arrive at new answers
- a new set of possibilities and choices based on those answers
- a common sense philosophy on which to base your lifestyle practices, built upon a foundation of truths that never change.

Fit to Breed is based on proven information and practices that have endured for thousands of years, span several continents and cross many cultures in their effectiveness! These are truths that have not changed in thousands of years, and won't change during your lifetime! You'll return to it again and again!

You get it all,


All natural, non-pharmaceutical
• strategies to reduce "comeback" time!
• Pacific Island relaxation practices
• African "manback" tonics
• Asian libido enhancers
• Indian Ayurvedic aphrodisiacs
• South American fertility foods
all designed to help you rise to the occasion and enjoy your sexuality...
plus fertility and motility tips so you can actually breed, if that's your goal!!

There's no need to suffer in silence, embarrassment and shame. The deterioration and non-functionality that many men anticipate and accept as part of life DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN TO YOU!

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Fit to Breed...forever!
10 causes of impotence THEY don’t want you to know about probably because there’s no money in the simple cures and treatments for male impotence that can help improve and maintain your erection
by Walt F.J. Goodridge
• The beliefs that are keeping you soft
• The truths that can set you free
• Little-known, rarely-discussed causes
• Virility secrets
• An effective daily protocol
• Aphrodisiacs from around the world
• Recipes, plus a quick start checklist all designed to help you rise to the occasion and enjoy your sexuality... plus fertility and motility tips so you can actually breed, if that's your goal! The deterioration and non-functionality many men anticipate and accept as part of life DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN TO YOU!

NOTE: Don't let the title throw you! Even If everything is working fine, or even if you're a woman not in possession of the referenced appendage, the Fit to Breed™ protocol is really a TOTAL healthy lifestyle/dietary guide, with an extra spin/emphasis on male virility! Women are invited to purchase this for their men, as well as to help understand their partners a little better! (142 pages; 5.5" x 8.5"; ISBN: 978-1501099038)


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Other books in the series

NEW! 2017! A clean cell never dies: How to conduct your own experiment in physical immortality

On January 17, 1912, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Alexis Carrel began a famous experiment at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in which he placed tissue cultured from an embryonic chicken heart in a flask of his own design. He maintained the living culture for well over 20 years--much longer than a chicken's normal life span--proving that living cells could be kept alive indefinitely by simply controlling the nutrients and removing the waste in the surrounding solution.

Proper nutrition and removal of waste. This is the simple formula for longevity for which no practical lifestyle guide has ever existed. Our failure practicing this formula is the cause of most, if not all, disease. This book will show you how to fulfill those two simple requirements in practical ways to effectively conduct your own experiment in bodily immortality. (218 pages; 5.06 x 7.81; ISBN: 978-1540755414)
Download Chapter 1

Fast & Grow Young 3d cover

(468 pages | Size: 6" x 9"; PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-1494413798
"Excellent work on Fasting. Contains numerous references to additional works by doctors in the field circa time of the writing. ...The best on fasting I have come across so far."--Amazon 5-star review

Download Chapter 1

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We ship to any country!
Paperback : $16.95

Ebook PDF : $2.99

*Order on Amazon : $16.95

Kindle : $2.99

Nook : $2.99

The Power of Positive Eating...After the Fast!

In this unique sequel to Fast & Grow Young, you'll discover in simple language, the guidelines and suggestions to incorporate new practices into your daily routine....AFTER THE FAST! It includes the what, how, why, how much, when and even where to eat, and some simple, easy-to-prepare recipes, too! Even if you never actually do an extended fast, use this book as a handy reference for eating better! This information will help you for the rest of your long, long and enjoyable life!

Positive eating is simply the habit of eating real food (Unmodified, raw, enzyme-rich fruits and vegetables eaten in as close to their natural state as possible) at times, in places, in ways and in amounts that optimize its nutritional and therapeutic benefit, activate the body's dormant healing code and have a positive rather than a negative effect on the body. The period following an extended fast is the perfect opportunity to retrain yourself to eat positively. Your digestive system has been re-set or "rebooted," and can better optimize the nutritional and healing and rejuvenative benefit of the food you eat.

The second in our "homage to the classics" series was originally published as Hygienic System Vol II: Orthotrophy by Herbert Shelton.

Download Chapter 1

Also available: The Power of Positive Eating...FOR INFANTS a guide for raising healthy, happy, disease-free children. It includes chapters on prenatal care; how to nourish the feeding mothers; when babies should be born; what, when, how and how much to feed your child (including what foods you should never feed a baby!); building strong teeth; the dangers of having a fat baby; cow's milk vs mother's milk; should baby be weaned; regular "crimes" in feeding; feeding children from two to six years; how to determine if your child is healthy; signs of under-nutrition, PLUS a handy reference section for recognizing and treating acute "infectious" diseases of childhood, skin disorders and common disorders of infants & children.

Download Chapter 1 Kindle | Nook | Amazon

The Man Who Lived Forever

What if you discovered someone who had the secret to living longer? This unique fact-based story tells such a tale. Includes actual dietary and lifestyle practices, shopping lists and more to help you claim perfect health, long life and find your own fountain of youth! (204 pages; 6 x 9; ISBN: 978-0974531380)

Download Chapter 1

The Coffeepot Cookbook: A Fun, yet Functional and Feasible Traveler's Guide to Preparing Healthy, Happy Meals on the Go Using Nothing but a Hotel Coffeepot…. and a Little Ingenuity

While doing the nomad thing through China, as a vegan, I had to improvise quite a bit to get my dietary needs met…find out what you can do with a little creativity and a basic hotel room appliance! ..(52 pages; 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-0983580805) Short, but fun!

Download Chapter 1

Masculinity 2.0: The new relationship guidelines for men who want to be men, and the women who love them!

by Dexter Style

"Well," she said. "You have some very common sense ideas about men and women—how they interact, and how to maximize that interaction for intimacy and enjoyment of each other sexually and in other ways—that seem to have been overlooked/lost/not emphasized, even almost purposely squashed in our society today.

"Those ideas set off a physical chain reaction in me that made me feel more feminine, inspired me to express my femininity, awakened feminine desires, and as you experienced for yourself, put me in touch with what I wanted you to do to me to satisfy those desires.

"Plus, in listening to your outlook on male/female dynamics, I was left with a palpable sense of your masculinity and my femininity, and how much of a turn-on our differences in this arena are, and I just think other men and women could really stand to finally handle the truth!"

Cool! Well, thanks, for that, sweetie. Now, between you and me, I think my girlfriend might be biased, but I wrote this book anyway at her suggestion, to share:

(1) a personal philosophy and belief system about relationships and sexuality,

(2) a concept of masculinity and femininity that works for me and my girlfriends,

(3) my personal compatibility and selection standards that keep me happy and get me the women I want,

(4) behavioral guidelines for my relationship that keep me guilt-free and living true to my self,

(5) private sex/health practices that keep me young, strong and virile, and make my girlfriends say the things they do,

(6) my positions on monogamy, marriage, gender roles, porn, kinks, fetishes, and biological wiring that allow me the freedom to love others honestly and, most importantly, to love true to my self! And all of this, is supported by:

(7) input and feedback from the women I date, through their actual conversations, interviews, emails and letters!

Download Chapter 1

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Fit to Breed Recipe Gallery

Who says healthy can't be tasty?

A few photos of dishes from the Fit to Breed™ Protocol as well as others. Order your copy of Fit to Breed to learn how to make:
• "Comeback CockTale"
• "Constantleee" Coleslaw
• "Morning After Reboot!"
• "Round Two" Smoothie!"
• "On the Comeback Trail" Trailmix
• "Infinite Duration"

Fit to Breed impotence recipes

       "Never Never Noodles"

Fit to Breed impotence recipes

       "Stamina Stir Fry"

Fit to Breed impotence recipes

       "Sensual Soup"

Fit to Breed impotence recipes

       "Touch Me Tofu"

Fit to Breed impotence recipes Power your stuff cookies

       "Power Your Stuff" Cookies

The Ageless Living™ Philosophy

This book is part of the Ageless Living™ series. The Philosophy is: "Perfect health, long life and eternal youth are not the random genetic blessings of a chaotic or capricious universe, but natural birthrights that can be accessed through the mindful acceptance of simple truths, activated by the committed practice of proven activities, and sustained by advancement along a single known path. This is that path."

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