The bad news: If you are impotent it is because Nature has classified you "UNFIT TO BREED." The good news? You CAN get yourself "reclassified.

It's possible...once you discover the 10 causes of impotence THEY don't want you to know about because there's no money in the simple cures that can help improve and maintain your erection!



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The Premise

If you are among the millions of men suffering from some form of erectile dysfunction, lowered libido, depressed sex drive or impotence, or even if you’re okay, but just concerned about the future, Fit to Breed will reveal a simple, yet shocking truth about your sexual health that no one else is talking about, and that truth is this:

If you are impotent it is because Nature has classified you as "UNFIT TO BREED."

I'll say it again

Let me repeat:

You are impotent because Nature has classified you "UN-FIT to breed."

And until you are RE-classified as "FIT to Breed," your impotence will continue and worsen!

A Different Paradigm?

There is perhaps nothing more vital to a man's sense of well being and masculinity than his ability to achieve and sustain an erection to please his partner. There are many products on the market that are capitalizing on this desire, and while some are seen as effective in the short-term, none of them will ever be completely effective or safe in actually curing impotence. I can say this with complete and utter certainty because all these so-called remedies or cures are missing the boat entirely on what really causes impotence, and thus, how to actually reverse it. The simple yet profound paradigm shift in Fit to Breed will change how you think about this all-too-common situation.

With the correct paradigm, you’ll understand why some solutions, while seemingly effective in the short-term, are doomed to failure or will result in side effects that will do harm to your body.

Where the others fail

What that means is, you'll find many natural products (horny goatweed, maca, yohimbe, etc) that will improve erections. There will also be pharmaceuticals (cialis, viagra) that will do the same. Being mostly stimulative in process, most all of them will work to some degree.

However, in many cases, the gains will be short term. In other cases, the side-effects can be disastrous (blindness in the case of viagra). You are not improving your health, you are merely stimulating a bodily reaction. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) Viagra or true virility Keep in mind, however, that by using these methods you are not improving your health. You are not becoming more fit to breed. If you are continuing to do the things that made you "unfit" to breed, then you are still, for all practical purposes, "unfit" to breed.

"The vitality achieved through stimulants is not transferrable to your progeny."

If ejaculation is achieved and everything else works as hoped, your sperm will likely be able to fertilize an egg, but you've done nothing to ensure your children will be healthy. You've achieved nothing in the way of permanent gains to your gene pool from which your children can benefit. Viagra's gains are not hereditary. Again, for many people that's fine. Their focus is strictly on improving the mechanics and short-term enjoyment of sex; on simply being able to achieve an erection, sustain copulation and reach climax are their goals. More power to them!


However, if what you desire is true vitality, lasting virility; virility you can take with you abroad; virility you can share with others; natural virility that can actually change your status from "unfit to breed" to "fit to breed" and from which your children can benefit, then there are a vital 20% of all your options that you need to focus on. Fit to Breed as well as the follow-up A Clean Cell Never Dies goes into detail as to what those practices and products are. A set of practices for virility.

Yes, true virility is achieved by a set of practices that run counter to the conventional modern lifestyle.

Simple, yet powerful

This is a very simple, yet powerful manual. In Fit to Breed, you will learn everything you need to know to understand the causes of impotence from an entirely different perspective, and then, how you can cure it.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Hello, Walt. This email is about sexual transmutation - ie. the sixth Tibetan rite. I just started to bald. And I notice whenever I practiced the sixth rite, my hair would instantly grow straight and long pointing out of my head in the places I was balding. And whenever I lost my essence, the hair in the previously bald spots on my head disappeared and I became bald again. So I'm sort of inclined to make practicing the sixth rite a regular part. What do you make of this?

ANSWER: 1. Assuming that the balding was not just a coincidental (unrelated) occurrence, it would make sense that depleting your stores of minerals--which happens when you ejaculate--that the body would start to shed "unnecessary" extremities that are a drain on the stores of nutrients in your body. Zinc and copper as well as other minerals and vitamin b-complex are needed to sustain the hair's youth and presence. You may wish to add a mineral supplement like (Sun Warrior Liquid Light or Concentrace Minerals) to a regular and consistent daily practice. Consistency is the key.

You may also wish to continue practicing the sixth rite regardless as it is a way of channeling energy and maintaining mastery over yourself.

The Sampson and Delilah fable of losing one's strength by cutting off one's hair has some real-world connection to bodily functions! :-)


p.s. Since you have the discipline to do the 6th Rite, here is something you might find interesting as well as doable. Once you've completed even just a few days of it, you'll overcome yet another challenge "average" people are unable to surmount, and take your life to another level.

QUESTION: Do you think it's possible to play sports on a calorie restricted diet?

ANSWER: It is absolutely doable to play sports on a calorie-restricted diet. Even during fasting--after the first few days--you'll find that your energy level increases. It's only called calorie "restricted" because our society's norm is to be calorie-opulent! As a related note: there are a few professional sports figures and bodybuilders who are vegetarian. Search for them online!

QUESTION: In "The Ancient Secret To The Fountain Of Youth" it says not to ejaculate because it will do more harm than good to you. What do you say about that?

ANSWER: I find that it helps my sexual stamina, control and strength of erection to limit ejaculations to once per month. I do at least one per month just to keep the muscles active since I've noticed that the force of the ejaculation has lessened. I believe, as well, that limiting the frequency of ejaculation allows me to channel that energy into creative endeavors.

Keep in mind that limiting ejaculation does not mean limiting the frequency of sexual activity. If you have the necessary self control, discipline and will power, you can still enjoy the intimacy and visual excitement of the sex act while not allowing yourself to climax.

QUESTION:I'm a 21 on the test score. You can be fit to breed but, how can you get to the breeding part with women if you catch my drift? I mean I never really thought of vegetarians/vegans as being virile or pulling in the ladies.

ANSWER: 1. You would be surprised about the endurance and virility. I (and the women I date) can absolutely testify to the fact that they've never had anyone last as long as I do, and the experience is more enjoyable because of the lack of overpowering smells from the rotted meat/pesticides/chemicals in the system !

2. I believe the ability to attract or "get" the women you want is part

(a) chemical. You will exude a different pheromone when fit to breed! It's true!

(b) confidence, when you are clear about what you want (not acting from position of desperation, willing to take anyone you can get)

(c) pulling yourself out of the western paradigm of masculinity and joining the rest of the world in male/female roles and paradigms! :-) For more on those last two, check out The Masculine Mind at

p.s. I don't believe in, or practice, "pick up lines." I've found a place and lifestyle in which the girls I like come to me of their own volition and make things easy. Sounds crazy, I know!

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10 causes of impotence THEY don’t want you to know about probably because there’s no money in the simple cures and treatments for male impotence that can help improve and maintain your erection

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