Are you fit to breed???
Take the Fit to Breed...forever!™ Virility Test (for men and women)

This unique test accounts for past transgressions, environment, beliefs and perhaps even political affiliation to determine your Fit to Breed Quotient, the likelihood that you may be at risk for impotence or compromised sexual/health function now or in the future. (Disclaimer: This is NOT a scientific or medically-based test. This is for entertainment purposes only.)
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Answer all forty (40) questions, including COUNTRY, then press submit for your Virility Score!
A. Country:
1. Gender:First: click gender option below to show question #2. Click same option again to hide.
This version of question 2 is for men only. Click button again to hide these questions. If not male, click button again to hide these questions, then select "female"
2 (for men). How often do you ejaculate (add sex plus masturbation)?
 One or more times per day
 Once per week
 Once per month or less
 I don't ejaculate
This version of question 2 is for women only. If not female, click button again to hide these questions, then select "male"
2 (for women). Do you take birth control pills or have an IUD?
 In the past
 Yes, currently
 Actually considering it right now
 Never and never will
3. Age range:
4. How many bowel movements do you have each day?
 Less than one (i.e. one every 2+ days)
5. Ever done a colonic?
 In the past
 Yes, perhaps once a year
 Yes, more than once a year
6. Do you ever fast?
 In the past
 Yes, perhaps once a year
 Yes, more than once a year
7. Do you do coffee enemas?
 No, never
 In the past
8. Are you vegan or vegetarian? (note: fish, chicken and eggs are not vegetables)
 In the past
 Not currently
 Yes, vegetarian
 Yes, vegan or raw foodist
9. Do you use white sugar or white flour or table salt in your teas, coffee, baking?
10. Do you seek out organic produce?
 Not really
11. How often do you eat at fast food restaurants? (pizza, burgers, etc.)
 Every day
 Once to a few times/week
 Once a month
 Once a year to never
12. What about sodas?
 I drink a soda or more every day
 I drink sodas often
 I drink sodas very infrequently
 I don't drink sodas
13. Do you consume canned/bottled vegetables/fruits/drinks?
 Yes, every day
14. Do you eat microwaved food?
15. Do any of the foods you eat contain any of these ingredients: (high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed yeast extract, FDC Yellow #7 or any number)? aspartame, hydrogenated oils, Splenda®, Nutrasweet®
16. Do you consume homogenized/pasteurized dairy products?(i.e. cow's milk-based cheese, butter, yogurt)
17. Do you have a juicer that you use?
 No. I don't have or use one
 Yes, but I rarely juice
 Yes. I juice occasionally
 Yes. I juice often
18. Complete: "GMO foods (Genetically modified organisms) are ________"
 Beneficial to consume
 Safe or neutral to consume
 The jury is still out
 Harmful to the body and environment
19. How much direct sunlight do you get each day? (outdoors, not behind glass)
 None, really
 Less than an hour
 More than an hour
 I'm a sun worshipper!
20. Complete: "Direct exposure to the sun ________"
 runs the risk of causing skin cancer
 unclear requires more research
 is neutral in benefit to the body
 is beneficial to the body
21. How often do you exercise?
 Too busy
 Once or twice a month
 Once a week
 More than once/week, even each day
22. Have you ever used a rebounder (trampoline) for exercise?
 in the past
 Not currently
23. What about smoking?
 I chain smoke
 I smoke occasionally
 Someone in my household smokes
 Neither I nor anyone in my household smokes
24. What about alcohol?
 I may have a problem
 I drink occasionally
 Someone in my household drinks
 Neither I nor anyone in my household drinks
25. Do you take any antibiotics?
 In the past
 Not sure/can't recall
 Yes, currently
26. Do you take any prescription medicine?
 In the past
 Not sure/can't recall
 Yes, currently
27. Do you have fluorescent lights in your home/apartment?
28. How much time do you spend each day in air conditioned environments?
 Practically all day, I sleep with A/C
 a lot of time
 Less than 2 hours
29. Do you have metal/mercury fillings?
 In the past
 Have fillings/dental work, but but sure what kind
 Yes, currently
30. Do you drink fluoridated water or use toothpaste containing fluoride?
31. Do you use aerosol/roll-on antiperspirants/deodorants shaving cream, face cream?
32. Have a television?
 Yes. I watch every day
 I rarely watch it
 No. I don't have or use one
33. When it comes to food and the whole healthy lifestyle topic, I believe most strongly:
 All things in moderation
 What doesn't kill me makes me stronger
 My body is my temple
34. Have you tested as a "Type A" personality?
 Yes, full fledged!
 Sort of, almost
 Don't know
35. What about your job/career?
 I hate it with a passion!
 It's really just to pay the bills
 I actually like what I do
 I'm fulfilling my purpose and passion!
36. When it comes to the meaning of life in general, I believe most strongly:
 This (life) is all just a random crap shoot!
 Not sure what I believe
 We are spiritual beings here for a purpose
37. When it comes to sex, I believe MOST strongly: (choose one)
 Sex is for pleasure, and I can have sex without being in love
 Sex should occur within a committed relationship
 Sex should occur within marriage for procreation
38. Have you done sauna detoxes?
 In the past
 Yes, currently
39. Check the appropriate box if these are already in your kitchen/cabinet and used by you:
• probiotics/acidophilus,
• organic cold pressed/virgin coconut oil,
• organic apple cider vinegar,
• sea salt,
• food grade H2O2,
• oil of oregano,
• grapefruit seed extract

 No, none
 Yes, 1 to 3
 Yes, 4 to 5
 All of them!
40. Check yes if you've ever done any of the following:
• candida cleanse,
• colon cleanse,
• parasite cleanse
• liver & gall bladder cleanse
• zapper,
• multi-day detox)


 No, none
 Yes 1 to 3
 Yes 4 to 6
 All of them
"TEACHER'S PET" BONUS CREDIT: Check yes if you've ever read or watched any of the following:
The Gerson Miracle (documentary),
The Corporation (documentary),
Diet for a New America(book),
Natural Cures (book),
Mad Cowboy (book),
Sugar Blues (book),
The Body Ecology Diet (book),
Silent Spring (book),
Cleanse & Purify Thyself (book),
Fit to Breed (book),
Fast & Grow Young!(book)
 None of them
 Yes 1 to 3
 Yes 4 to 6
 All of them
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